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12 Year Old Boy Makes $400.000 dollars in ETH by Selling his NFT Owned Weird Whale Art – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

Benyamin Ahmed’s digital Weird Whales went viral and bought like hotcakes after promoting tokens of their possession saved on the blockchain, additionally known as Non Fungable Tokens (NFTs). So far he has made £290,000 ($400,000), in ETH. The younger boy created a set of three,350 whales in the model of a typical whale meme seen in the online game Minecraft.

A non-fungible token is a unit of information saved on a digital ledger, additionally known as a blockchain, that certifies {that a} sure digital asset is exclusive and due to this fact can’t be interchangeable. NFTs are generally linked to objects corresponding to images, movies, audio, and different sorts of digital information, together with digital artwork.

This is just not the primary time an paintings with NFT possession turns into mainstream information. Recently a blockchain firm purchased a $95,000 Banksy, burned it, and broadcast it stay on Twitter. This was all a part of a technique of turning the paintings right into a non-fungible token.

It’s stated that Benyamin’s alternative of making a digital whale was not a coincidence. In the crypto world a whale is somebody identified to personal a 1.000 bitcoins. The younger coder promoted his digital artwork by sharing a thread on Twitter, making a LinkedIn web page and a YouTube channel. Ben’s dad is a software program developer, who impressed the sensible younger boy. Ben and his brother, Yousef, have been coding because the ages of 5 and six.

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