6 sources of renewable energy that will power the future of Bitcoin mining 


Yes, Bitcoin mining does eat quite a bit of energy — about 110 terawatt hours per year, the energy equal of a small nation. Considering that a single Bitcoin mining farm is likely to be operating a whole lot or hundreds of mining rigs (roughly the equal of operating an area heater) all day, day by day, it’s simple to see how that a lot energy could be created. It’s additionally simple to see why holding energy prices low turns into the fundamental concern of Bitcoin miners.

The excellent news for large-scale Bitcoin mining operations is that the least expensive sources of energy are additionally the cleanest and most sustainable, like wind, photo voltaic, and hydropower, that are all cheaper sources than fuel and coal. Additionally, the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance estimates that 76% of miners are already utilizing sustainable energy sources.

Still, with current questions in the information round the supply of Bitcoin’s energy utilization, and whether or not it may be sustainable going ahead, there’s nonetheless extra to do to develop consciousness and adoption of renewable sources of energy.

If you’re seeking to begin a mining operation, swap electrical energy sources, or spend money on a mining firm and need to know extra about the place they’re getting their energy, listed below are the prime sources of renewable energy that will gas the business in years to return.

Solar Power

Solar is the most generally used renewable energy supply, and can be one of the most simple: Capture energy from the solar’s rays by way of photovoltaic cells in photo voltaic panels. They’re simple to put in and preserve, and it doesn’t require any drilling or mining, or something to be burned. Additionally, photo voltaic energy prices have solely dropped lately, with the price for electrical energy from utility-scale photo voltaic photovoltaics (PV) down 82% from 2010 to 2019.

Recently, Square and Blockstream announced that they’d be investing in a $5 million absolutely solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility, as they are saying, so as “to show that a renewable mining facility in the real world is not only possible but also prove empirically that Bitcoin accelerates the world toward a sustainable future.”


Renewable energy sourced from the wind is an alternative choice. This entails organising giant wind generators in open areas to seize the energy from air motion and switch it into electrical energy. Again, it’s a renewable energy supply that doesn’t require drilling or mining — merely the development of wind generators — and the energy produced can power single houses, cities, and even international locations. Wind power prices one to two cents per kilowatt-hour, and costs are usually fastened over lengthy intervals of time. No gas prices or utilization and job creation additionally make wind enticing.

In the wake of the Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin mining operations, there’s speculation that many miners may move to Texas, because of the plentiful wind power accessible, as wind gives upwards of 20% of Texas’s energy.


Capturing energy from water currents is one of the oldest sorts of renewable energy sources (suppose water wheels powering mills or the Hoover Dam). It’s additionally an extremely constant supply of energy, as always operating waterfalls can present regular, limitless power, whether or not or not it’s captured by way of operating rivers or simulated by way of damming and generators. As for prices, it’s additionally one of the least expensive at 85 cents per kilowatt-hour, and upwards of 90% of the energy could be transformed into electrical energy.

One of the greatest benefits Chinese mining operations had earlier than the nationwide crackdown was that they had been capable of faucet into large quantities of hydroelectric power accessible to them, particularly in the Sichuan province, whereby the wet season, 95% of electricity can come from hydro.


El Salvador president Nayib Bukele made information when he tweeted an invite to Bitcoin miners to make use of their volcano energy, which is in reality geothermal energy, one other renewable useful resource. Geothermal energy comes from warmth saved inside the Earth’s crust, which might embrace energy that escapes by way of steam, and even by way of volcanos. As of 2020, geothermal energy has a capacity of 14,000 megawatts, and is taken into account a plentiful, constant supply of renewable energy. Yet geothermal energy is just accessible in sure areas of the world the place warmth can rise to the floor, usually round tectonic plates.

Tidal Power and Ocean Energy

Capturing tidal power or the energy of the ocean is one other renewable possibility much like hydropower. Instead of operating water, tidal barrages arrange at the tide line or generators arrange in the ocean beneath sea degree seize the motion of the water and switch it into electrical energy. While adoption has been restricted thus far with few websites established, this feature is increasing as expertise improves and prices come down. However, it’s extremely promising: The world’s largest tidal power station in South Korea generates over 500 gigawatt-hours a year, or the equal of 862,000 barrels of oil.

Waste Energy and Biomass

Another renewable supply is waste energy, the place natural materials is damaged all the way down to create warmth by way of both incineration or micro organism that decompose natural materials. The warmth created then drives steam generators to provide electrical energy. This possibility also can assist scale back the presence of landfills. Crypto firm 4New made news after they introduced they’d set up a waste-to-energy plant that would gas their facility.

How Bitcoin Mining Can Be a Renewable Source for Others

Bitcoin miners aren’t simply seeking to eat renewable energy sources, however to be renewable energy sources as nicely. Some miners are capable of sell their excess energy back to the grid. Others are utilizing their extra mining farm warmth to power greenhouses and different native industries, and even to heat towns.

Whether consuming or offering, Bitcoin mining will definitely play a serious function in making a sustainable future.

Guest put up by Abdumalik Mirakhmedov from Genesis Digital Assets

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